Sunday, July 15, 2012

Ready for recital?

The 2012 Summer Recital is only 6 days away! Are you ready?? Review the checklist below to help get organized...


  • Costumes - They should be hung on a hanger and labeled. We suggest white medical tape with the dancers full name on the inside of the costume. Remembber all the girls have the same costumes so do the stage helpers (and yourself) a favor and label everything!
  • Accessories - Each costume came with accessories. We suggest putting them all in a zip lock baggie and hanging it on the hanger with the matching costume.
  • Hair - All dancers need to wear their hair in a low bun. The hair should be slicked back.
  • Tights - Always a good idea to pack an extra pair.
  • Shoes - Tap, Ballet, Jazz, White Tennis Shoes...bring them all. And don't forget to label them...
  • Snacks - For both the rehearsal and recital. The dancers get hunger, send snacks so they don't have to watch their friends munch away. Goldfish or animal crackers are good and so is bottled water. Nothing that will mess up the costumes please.
  • Tickets - Have you ordered your tickets? Everyone that will be sitting in the auditorium will need a ticket.
  • Most important thing...LABEL EVERYTHING! 
And remember...only stage helpers are allowed backstage. If you are not on the list you will not be allowed backstage. All stage helpers have been sent information. If you did not recieve the email you are not listed as a stage helper and will not be allowed backstage.