Monday, August 1, 2011

August Newsletter

Welcome back! – Welcome back to another dance year! August is a very special month for Sundance Studios, both studios opened in August. Happy 3 yr Anniversary to the 24th St location and Happy 1 yr Anniversary to the 75th Ave location!

Picture CDs– Picture CDs are still available for purchase! The cost is 1 student/costume $40, Multiple costumes $45 and multiple students $55.

Recital DVDs– I know everyone is very anxious to get the free DVD of the recital, I know I am! The DVD typically take 4 weeks to get from the videographer. As soon as we get them in we will notify everyone they are available for pick up.

Open registration– Open registration is now in full swing. Current clients are $12 and new clients are $20.

Sundance Studios Handbook - We will be giving all our Sundance families a Handbook which has all of our policies. The receipt of handbook needs to be signed and returned no later than August 31st.

Parents- We are implementing a new policy. We will have a once month "viewing week". At all other times the curtains over the windows will be closed (24th St) and all parents will need to stay in the lobby behind the door (75th ave). The dancers have been getting very distracted as they can see out the windows. Thank you for your understanding and support.


Fall Break: October 10-14

Thanksgiving Break: November 25-26

Winter Break: December 24 January 2

Spring Break: March 12-16

Summer Break: July 23-31

*All students will receive an average of 4 or more classes per month based on assessing the months of August through July.