Thursday, June 23, 2011

Picture Schedule 2011 Summer Recital

24th Studio:

Mon June 27th –

3:45: come in Mack. Bring Rose and Material Girls

4:35: come in California Girls. We will have Hoedown

5:25: JaiHo (we will have costumes, come ready to change)

Weds June 29th –

3:45: come in Shake your Groove Thing. We will have Hoedown.

4:35: Come in teal Big Girls costume. Bring LaBamba too

525: come in Baby costume. Bring black shirts/headsets for Spice. Pink skirts will be here. Wear white gym shoes for both.

6:15: Come in tanks (either color on top). We will have skirts and knee socks. Wear black gym shoes.

8:05: girls- come in costume. Boys- costume will be here.

Thurs June 30th –

510: come in Baby. Bring blck shirts/headsets, we will have pink

skirts. Wear white gym shoes for both.

6:00: come in Shaboom. We will have Hoedown

6:50: come in world. We will have thriller.

Sat July 2nd –

9:45: come in Baby Mine w bear. Bring Buttercup.

10:35: come in Bibbity Boo. Bring Pretty Woman.

11:25: come in Every Rose. Bring Miracle

12:15: we will have Hoedown

All dancers will need to wear skin tone dance tights (not pantyhose). Gymnastics classes need either footless or convertible tights. Hair can be done how you would like for pictures. Make up can be worn at parents discretion.

75th Studio:

Tues July 5th –

5:25: come in shake seƱora. Bring fools.

6:15: come in Hoedown

7:05: come in Every Rose

Weds July 6th – 6:55: come in costume

Thurs July 7th – 4:35: come in love me

525: come in costume

615: come in costume

Sat July 9th – 8:25: come in boogie shoes. Bring wish.

All dancers will need to wear skin tone tights. Gymnastics classes need either footless or convertible tights. Hair can be done how you would like for pictures. Make up can be worn at parents discretion.


2445 E. Baseline Rd. Suite 133

Phoenix, Az 85042


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sundance Information for Pics & Recital

We have a very busy couple of months ahead so we wanted to break down a few things for you.
COSTUMES: Costumes have begun to come in, yay! We are in the process of checking them all in and will begin distributing them the week of June 20th (Marco's Hip Hop Pictures will be the first week of July. Your child will be given a picture notice reminder the week before pictures. A full description of picture schedules will be posted on line Please check the site if you have any questions. Once you get your costume please take it out of the bag and try it on.
PICTURES: Pictures will begin the week of June 27th through July 3rd. Please keep your eyes open for the schedule of when your class will get their pictures taken.
DANCE REPORT CARDS: Starting June 15th we will be doing "dance report cards" for each dancer. The form will go over technical skills mastered and classes recommended for the 2011-2012 dance year.
2011-2012 DANCE YEAR: We are excited to have the new schedule completed! We have been able to add classes at each studio to make sure everyone can get into the class they want. The schedule will be released July 1st.
2011-2012 REGISTRATION: Registration for the 2011-2012 dance year will begin on July 1st. Fees are as follows: pre-registration July 1-15=$5; open-studio registration July 15-31=$10; all-open registration Aug 1st=$12 (existing) $15 (new). We are capping each class at 12 so sign up early to ensure you get the class you want! We currently have many classes that are at 12 with new clients wanting to sign up...
RECITAL: The recital is set for July 23rd. Dress rehersal will be @ 9:00 am and the recital will be at 6 pm @ the TempePerforming Arts Center. More information to come...
STAGE VOLUNTEERS: We need your help! Please sign up to be a backstage volunteer during the rehearsal and recital. If you have a dancer that may require extra assistance you will need to help backstage. You will be receiveing a DVD of the recital and there will be a tv backstage playing the recital in real-time. The more helpers the merrier! We are super appreciative of the volunteers and this year we have a great Thank You gift! Please look for the sign up sheet in the studio lobby!
SUMMER BREAK/DANCE CAMP: There will not be any regularly scheduled dance classes the week of July 25th. We will be offering a dance camp during this week! Please contact Melissa at for more information and to sign up.
MANY, MANY THANKS!: Thank you so much to all of you for another great dance year!! We have a great dance studio with amazing dancers and we couldn't do it with each of you! We are very excited about the upcoming year.
Please let us know if you have any questions
Sundance Studios Team!
Melissa, Melissa, Marisol & Marco

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

June Newsletter

Summer Recital JULY 23rd!!! The date is quickly approaching. There are only 7 more weeks, which means 7 more practices. Please make sure your dancer is at all practices. The dancers have been working so hard.

Costumes – The costumes are scheduled to arrive the end of June/beginning of July. Once we have the costumes we will be sending out the schedule for pictures. Please note, due to some sizing/inventory issues some of the costumes have been changed.

2011-2012 Schedule – We are finalizing the new schedule, which will go into effect in August during our registration period. We are very excited to be able to offer some additional classes! Stay tuned for more info…

Competition Team – Our 2010-2011 competition season if officially over but that doesn’t mean rest for these girls. We have performances throughout the summer at such events as the Philippine Independence Celebration and a Women’s Shelter fund raiser.

Performance Team- We are excited to have our performance team up and practicing! There is still time to enroll if you are interested. These girls will be performing at such events as listed above. This is an excellent way to get ready for our competition team!

Summer Break: The summer break for the studio is July 25-30. NOTE: We are offering a dance camp during this week. There are a few spaces left. Contact Melissa if you are interested,

Summer Dance Program: Register Now!! See for info! We are filling up quick!

Parents- We appreciate your efforts to pick up your dancers on time, we have had children left unattended; we would like to have enough staff to cover the classes scheduled (Please do not leave your children in the lobby unattended at any time). Thanks for your cooperation!


-Students should arrive to class 5 minutes prior to the start time in order to have shoes on and ready for class to begin. For Combo classes shoes must be kept in the studio as the shoe change can be quick with as little distraction as possible.

-Parents are not allowed in the studio during class. This is a distraction for all students. To ensure the best dance education, please remain in the lobby area.

-TUITION REMINDER – ALL tuition, regardless of payment type, is due on the 1st of the month. All payments received after the 1st will be charged a $25 late fee. Any non sufficient funds will add a $25 charge to your balance. Balances left unpaid will result in student withdrawal until account has been paid in full (in order for payments to be funded by the first of each month, transactions are subject to be pending 48 hours in advance).

-LATE FEE POLICY – Please make note of the class time and make sure you are at the studio to pick up your dancer 5 mins prior to that time. In order to make class times at both studios to is imperative all parents pick up dancers on time. Beginning September 1st we are implementing the late fee policy. Late fees are $5 for the first 5 minutes, and $1 for each minute thereafter. Fees will be accumulated and charged with tuition the following month.

-MAKE-UP POLICY: If you plan to miss a class or you have an unexpected illness, you have 30 calendar days to make up your class. You must email your preference of make-up classes to Melissa ( in order to plan the date of your make-up. Make-up classes are a great way to try new genres of dance. So if your child wants to try something new, it is encouraged! Missed classes do not constitute a refund and cannot be added to result in a free or reduced tuition for future use.


Summer Break: July 25-30

*All students will receive an average of 4 or more classes per month based on assessing the months of August through July.

~A Special THANKS to Virgi for inviting us to the Philippine Independence Day Celebration! Have a safe trip to the Philippines Virgi, Hannah, Niki & Freddy!