Friday, December 10, 2010


Recital is just around the corner, and we have lots to share with you about the big day!

Dress Rehearsal:

9:00 a.m. Saturday, January 8, 2011


Dress Rehearsal Location: Tempe Performing Arts Center

700 W. Rio Salado Parkway

Tempe , AZ 85281


6:00 p.m. Saturday, January 8,2011 (Dancers must arrive at 5:20 p.m.)


Tempe Performing Arts Center

700 W. Rio Salado Parkway

Tempe , AZ 85281

Directions from Sundance Studios (24th location) to Tempe Performing Arts Center :

Head East on Baseline Rd. (Towards the 60/AZ Mills Mall)

Turn LEFT (North) on S. Priest Dr. (Right by AZ Mills)

Turn RIGHT (East) on Rio Salado Parkway

Make a U-Turn onto W. Rio Salado Parkway

(This is a 20-25 minute drive from 24th St. and a 40 min drive from the 75th Ave. Studio)

Dress Rehearsal:

All students arrive in their first costume at 9:00 a.m. with hair and accessories (no jewelry except small earrings) at the SOUTH ENTRANCE doors of the Tempe Performing Arts Center (Please refer to the order of routines attached). Stage parents will be waiting for your child. You will sign in your child with security and you may go to the audience to view the rehearsal if you would like. Only stage volunteers are aloud backstage. DON’T forget DANCE SHOES! All dancers must wear flesh colored dance tights (gymnastics class wears tights that stop at the ankle). If your child is in more than one dance, all other costumes must be labeled (white tape works well) with the student’s name and dance on it. It is highly recommended to have a garment/dance bag with all of your child’s costumes in your child’s hands. Please put all accessories to costumes (bows, shoe ties, etc.) in a plastic baggie with your costume bag. Don’t forget tap/ballet shoes and flesh colored tights. Please put your child’s name on his/her shoes! Make surehair bows are safely pinned. If a hair bow falls off during a dance routine, it can really upset our little ones! Dancers will be released to parents at the end of the show at the South ramp of the main lobby. Stage parents will be waiting with your dancers to deliver them back to you.


Dancers, please arrive at 5:20 p.m. in your first costume/ full hair and make-up. Please check in your dancer with security and proceed to your seats; the recital will begin promptly at 6:00 p.m. There will be a 10-minute intermission halfway through the show. We should finish by around 8:30 p.m. If your dancer is late to the recital, they may miss their performance. It is imperative that your dancer is on time!

Dancing Dads:

You will come to the auditorium to sign in during intermission during the recital, after you perform you can rush back to the audience. You will need to attend our dress rehearsal as well! We won’t need the dad dancers until 10:00 a.m.


Tickets will be on sale at the Tempe Performing Arts Center Box Office on December 24th, 2010 (480-350-2822). Please reserve your tickets in advance; our show is likely to sell out!


Everyone will receive a complimentary DVD of the show!!

Order Of Routines:

"Conga" (Competition Team)

“Ordinary Day" (Competition Team)

“La Bomba" (4:35 CL1 24th St & Thursday 5:10 CL1 24th st)

"Material Girl" (Monday CL2 24th)

“Super Mario Brothers” (Wed 8:05 Hip Hop w/ Marco 24th st)

"Why Do Fools Fall in Love?"(Tuesday 5:25 CL2 75th Ave)

"California Girls” (Monday CL2 24th) Wear pink ballet shoes or tan jazz shoes

"Baby" (Wednesday 5:25 CL1 Pom) Wear white tennis shoes

"Just the Way You Are" (Monday CL3 Technique 24th)

"Fire Burning on the Dance Floor"

(Tuesday 6:15 Pom 75th Ave ) Wear black tennis shoes


(Saturday 11:25 CL2 24th st)

"Pretty Woman"

(Saturday 10:35 CL1 24th St.)

"I'll Be There"

(Tuesday 7:05 Ballet 75th Ave )

"Shake Your Groove Thing" (Wednesday 3:45 CL3 24th St)


Dancing Dads

"Beauty & the Beast" (Competition Team)


(Saturday 9:45 CL1)


(Competition Team)

"Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" (Competition Team)


(Thursday 6:00 CL2 24th St.)

"Wish Upon a Star"

(Saturday 8:25 CL1 75th Ave.)

"What a Wonderful World" (Thursday 6:55 CL3 24th St)


Wild Style

(Thursday 6:15 Advanced Hip-Hop w/Marco 75th ave)

“Hot Potato”

(6:15 Beginner’s Hip Hop 24th St)

"Baby Bollys"

(Competition Team)

"The Way You Make Me Feel" (Saturday 12:15 24th St.)

“The New Kids”

(Thursday 5:25 Beginner’s Hip-Hop w/ Marco 75th ave)


“Waka Waka”

(24th & 75th Ave Gymnastics)

“We Are the Children of the Ballet”

(All Combo Level 1 Children)

“CL2, CL3 Dance Passes and bows”

(All dancers will wear their last costume)

“Competition Teams Bow”

(This will be a simple bow)

Stage Moms: There will be 1 to 2 stage moms for each dance. There will be a mandatory meeting for stage moms on Saturday, December 18th @ 1:05 p.m. at the 24th (see address listed below) studio. We are still welcoming more stage help; stage moms will receive a special gift Stage moms are the ONLY parents aloud backstage or in the dressing rooms. Stage moms will be wearing badges and children will be signing in and out with security when you drop them at the stage doors. If you are not a stage mom, please be seated in the auditorium while you enjoy the show. All dancers must remain back stage for the entire show. Releasing dancers prior to the end of the show is a serious safety hazard. Please do not leave early; we want you to enjoy the show! After dress rehearsal, we will announce for you to pick up your dancers at the South entrance/security checkpoint. Please have this document handy with your order of routines as a reference. Dress rehearsal should finish by approximately 12:30 p.m. Stage moms: please have bobby pins & safety pins handy. Also, make sure all your dancers’ shoes are tied at all times!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Picture Day Modifications

Due to delays in costume shipments, some classes will be taking pictures on different dates. On the day of your pictures, please keep your dancer's shoes clean. Please do not wear dance shoes outside of the studio floor at any time. Your dancer will need to wear flesh colored (your natural skin color) dance tights for picture day and recital. Gymnastics classes will need to wear flesh colored dance tights that stop at the ankle. Ballet classes will wear pink ballet shoes, tap classes will wear black tap shoes, and pom/cheer will wear white tennis shoes. You may have your child wear hair and make-up however you'd like. We will take group and individual photos and run a dress rehearsal on your scheduled picture day. Please view the schedule below for your child's picture day:
MONDAY CLASSES @ 24th St Location:
3:45 CL2 "Material Girl" picture day: Monday, Nov 22
4:35 CL2 "California Girls: picture day: Monday, Nov 22
5:25 Gymnastics: picture day: Monday, Nov 22
6:15 CL3 "Just the Way You Are": Monday Nov 22
5:25 CL2 "Why Do Fools Fall in Love?" picture day: Tuesday, Nov 23
6:15 CL3 "Fire Burning on the Dance Floor" picture day: Tuesday, Nov 23
7:05 CL3 "I'll Be There": Tuesday, Nov 23
WEDNESDAY CLASSES @ 24th St Location:
3:45 CL3 "Shake Your Groove Thing": Wednesday, Nov 17th
4:35 CL1 "La Bomba" picture day: Wednesday, Dec 8th
5:25 CL1 Pom "Baby" picture day: Wednesday, Dec 8th
6:15 Hip Hop w/Marco picture day: Wednesday, Dec 1st
8:05 Hip Hop w/ Marco picture day: Wednesday, Dec 1st
WEDNESDAY CLASSES @ 75th Ave Location:
6:55 Gymnastics picture day: Wednesday, Nov 17th
THURSDAY CLASSES @ 24th St Location:
5:10 CL1 w/ Marisol "La Bomba" picture day: Thursday, Dec 9th
6:00 CL2 "Shaboom" picture day: Thursday, Nov 18th
6:55 CL3 "What a Wonderful World": Thursday, Nov 18th
THURSDAY CLASSES @ 75th Ave Location:
5:25 Hip-Hop w/ Marco picture day: Thursday, Dec 2nd
6:15 Hip-Hop w/Marco picture day: Thursday, Dec 2nd
3:45 "Ordinary Day" & "Diamonds" (Retake since last yr) picture day: Friday, Nov 19th
4:35-4:50 "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" picture day: Friday, Nov 19th
4:50-5:40 "Beauty & the Beast" & "Conga" (retakes) picture day: Friday, Nov 19th
5:40-6:30 "Baby Bollys" picture day: Friday, Nov 19th
SATURDAY CLASSES @ 24th St Location:
9:45 CL1 "Buttercup" picture day: Saturday, Dec 4th
10:35 CL1 "Pretty Woman" picture day: Saturday, Nov 20th
(costumes will be @ studio by 11/17 and will be held for the girls for picture day if you do not wish to pick up costumes prior)
11:25 CL2 "Miracle" picture day: Saturday, Nov 20th
12:15 "The Way You Make Me Feel": Saturday, Nov 20th
SATURDAY CLASSES @ 75th Ave Location:
8:25 CL1 "Wish Upon a Star" picture day: Saturday, Jan 15th (You will receive costumes by mid December)