Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dress Rehearsal Schedule (Recital order is different!)

Dress Rehearsal: 9:00 a.m. Saturday, July 23, 2011 (Level 1)

10:00 a.m. (All other dancers)


Dress Rehearsal Location: Tempe Performing Arts Center

700 W. Rio Salado Parkway

Tempe, AZ 85281

BOX OFFICE: 480-350-2822 Tickets are on sale now and are going fast!

ALL COMBO LEVEL 1 students arrive in their first costume at 9:00 a.m at the SOUTH ENTRANCE doors of the Tempe Performing Arts Center in your first costume. (Please refer to the order of routines below). ALL LEVEL 2 AND 3 students please arrive at 10:00 am in your first costume. Stage parents will be waiting for your child. You will sign in your child with security and can wait in the audience. ONLY STAGE VOLUNTEERS WILL BE ALLOWED BACKSTAGE!

DON’T forget DANCE SHOES! All dancers must wear flesh colored dance tights. If your child is in more than one dance, all other costumes must be labeled with the student’s name and dance on it. It is highly recommended to have a garment/dance bag with all of your child’s costumes in your child’s hands. Please put all accessories to costumes (bows, shoe ties, etc.) in a plastic baggie with your costume bag. Please put your child’s name on his/her shoes! Dancers will be released to parents at the end of the rehearsal at the South ramp of the main lobby.

Please be on time. Tardiness will cause a delay and will lengthen the rehearsal time. Thank you.

“La Bomba" (Weds 4:35 CL1 24th St)

“Boogie Shoes” (Sat 8:25 CL1 75 Ave)

“Baby Mine” (Sat 9:45 CL1 24th St)

"Baby-Justin Beiber" (Wed 5:25/Thurs 5:10 Pom L1 24th St)

"Pretty Woman" (Sat 10:35 CL1 24th St)

"Why Do Fools Fall in Love?"(Tues 5:25 CL1 75th Ave)

"Wish Upon a Star" (Sat 8:25 CL1 75th Ave)

"Buttercup" (Sat 9:45 CL1 24th St)

“Shake Senora” (Tues 5:25 CL1 75th Ave)

"Big Girls Don’t Cry" (Wed 4:35 CL1 24th St)

“Spice Girls” (Weds 5:25/Thurs 5:10 Pom L1 24th St)

“Bibbidy Bobbidy Boo” (Sat 10:35 CL1 24th St)

“We Are the Children of the Ballet” (All Combo Level 1 Children Finale)


"Hoedown Throwdown"

“Marco’s Mix” (Wed 8:05/Thurs 6:15 Hip Hop)

“Conga” (6-9 Competition Team)

"Shaboom" (Thurs 6:00 CL2 24th St)

"Miracle" (Saturday 11:25 CL2 24th St)

“Mack the Knife” (Mon 3:45 CL3 24th St)

"California Girls” (Mon CL2 24th St)

“Ordinary Day” (10+ Competition Team)

"Material Girl" (Monday CL3 24th St)

“Fancy Feet” (Thurs 5:25 Beg Hip-Hop 75th Ave)

“Beauty and the Beast” (6-9 Competition Team)

~Dancing Dads

“Diamonds” (10+ Competition Team)

“Rock it” (Wed 6:15 Beg Hip Hop 24th St)

~Marco Solo

"Every Rose" (Mon 3:45/Tues 7:05/Sat 12:15 Ballet Tech)

"What a Wonderful World" (Thurs 6:55 Ballet Tech 24th St)

“Jai-Ho” (24th & 75th Ave Gymnastics)

“Girls Just Want to Have Fun” (Victoria & Morgan Duet)


"Shake Your Groove Thing" (Wed 3:45 CL3 24th St)


“Thriller” (Mon 6:15/Thurs 6:50 Jazz Tech 24th St)

“Fireworks Finale” (All Combo Level 2 and Tech)