Friday, October 8, 2010

October Newsletter

~ ~ Winter Recital The winter recital is scheduled for January 8, 2011. To confirm we will have the costumes in time we need to order them in October. Charges will be withdrawn from the credit card on file October 15, 2010. The recital fee is $25 and the costume fee is $65 per class. You must contact Melissa in writing via email to stop the winter recital payment from being deducted on October 15th if you do not want to not be included in the winter recital. Students will have a separate costume for each class.

~ Competition Teams – We will be performing at a hospital on November 6th.

~ Sundance Studio Merchandise is here!Check out the merchandise in the lobby that is for sale. Please let Melissa if you would like to order a warm up. Please email Melissa if you would like to order a specific size in a tank or warm-up suit.


Students should arrive to class 5 minutes prior to the start time in order to have shoes on and ready for class to begin. For Combo classes shoes must be kept in the studio as the shoe change can be quick with as little distraction as possible.

Parents are not allowed in the studio during class. This is a distraction for all students. To ensure the best dance education, please remain in the lobby area.

TUITION REMINDER – ALL tuition, regardless of payment type, is due on the 1st of the month. All payments received after the 1st will be charged a $25 late fee.

LATE FEE POLICY – Please make note of the class time and make sure you are at the studio to pick up your dancer 5 mins prior to that time. In order to make class times at both studios to is imperative all parents pick up dancers on time. Beginning September 1st we are implementing the late fee policy. Late fees are $5 for the first 5 minutes, and $1 for each minute thereafter. Fees will be accumulated and charged with tuition the following month.

NON SUFFICENT FUNDS: Any non sufficient funds will add a $25 charge to your balance. Balances left unpaid will result in student withdrawal until account has been paid in full (in order for payments to be funded by the first of each month, transactions are subject to be pending 48 hours in advance).

MAKE-UP POLICY: If you plan to miss a class or you have an unexpected illness, you have 30 calendar days to make up your class. You must email your preference of make-up classes to Melissa ( in order to plan the date of your make-up. Make-up classes are a great way to try new genres of dance. So if your child wants to try something new, it is encouraged! Missed classes do not constitute a refund and cannot be added to result in a free or reduced tuition for future use.


Fall Break: October 4-9

Thanksgiving Break: November 25-26

Winter Break: December 24 – January 2

Spring Break: April 25-30

Summer Break: July 25-30

*All students will receive an average of 4 or more classes per month based on assessing the months of August through July.