Thursday, November 11, 2010

Picture Day Modifications

Due to delays in costume shipments, some classes will be taking pictures on different dates. On the day of your pictures, please keep your dancer's shoes clean. Please do not wear dance shoes outside of the studio floor at any time. Your dancer will need to wear flesh colored (your natural skin color) dance tights for picture day and recital. Gymnastics classes will need to wear flesh colored dance tights that stop at the ankle. Ballet classes will wear pink ballet shoes, tap classes will wear black tap shoes, and pom/cheer will wear white tennis shoes. You may have your child wear hair and make-up however you'd like. We will take group and individual photos and run a dress rehearsal on your scheduled picture day. Please view the schedule below for your child's picture day:
MONDAY CLASSES @ 24th St Location:
3:45 CL2 "Material Girl" picture day: Monday, Nov 22
4:35 CL2 "California Girls: picture day: Monday, Nov 22
5:25 Gymnastics: picture day: Monday, Nov 22
6:15 CL3 "Just the Way You Are": Monday Nov 22
5:25 CL2 "Why Do Fools Fall in Love?" picture day: Tuesday, Nov 23
6:15 CL3 "Fire Burning on the Dance Floor" picture day: Tuesday, Nov 23
7:05 CL3 "I'll Be There": Tuesday, Nov 23
WEDNESDAY CLASSES @ 24th St Location:
3:45 CL3 "Shake Your Groove Thing": Wednesday, Nov 17th
4:35 CL1 "La Bomba" picture day: Wednesday, Dec 8th
5:25 CL1 Pom "Baby" picture day: Wednesday, Dec 8th
6:15 Hip Hop w/Marco picture day: Wednesday, Dec 1st
8:05 Hip Hop w/ Marco picture day: Wednesday, Dec 1st
WEDNESDAY CLASSES @ 75th Ave Location:
6:55 Gymnastics picture day: Wednesday, Nov 17th
THURSDAY CLASSES @ 24th St Location:
5:10 CL1 w/ Marisol "La Bomba" picture day: Thursday, Dec 9th
6:00 CL2 "Shaboom" picture day: Thursday, Nov 18th
6:55 CL3 "What a Wonderful World": Thursday, Nov 18th
THURSDAY CLASSES @ 75th Ave Location:
5:25 Hip-Hop w/ Marco picture day: Thursday, Dec 2nd
6:15 Hip-Hop w/Marco picture day: Thursday, Dec 2nd
3:45 "Ordinary Day" & "Diamonds" (Retake since last yr) picture day: Friday, Nov 19th
4:35-4:50 "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" picture day: Friday, Nov 19th
4:50-5:40 "Beauty & the Beast" & "Conga" (retakes) picture day: Friday, Nov 19th
5:40-6:30 "Baby Bollys" picture day: Friday, Nov 19th
SATURDAY CLASSES @ 24th St Location:
9:45 CL1 "Buttercup" picture day: Saturday, Dec 4th
10:35 CL1 "Pretty Woman" picture day: Saturday, Nov 20th
(costumes will be @ studio by 11/17 and will be held for the girls for picture day if you do not wish to pick up costumes prior)
11:25 CL2 "Miracle" picture day: Saturday, Nov 20th
12:15 "The Way You Make Me Feel": Saturday, Nov 20th
SATURDAY CLASSES @ 75th Ave Location:
8:25 CL1 "Wish Upon a Star" picture day: Saturday, Jan 15th (You will receive costumes by mid December)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

November Newsletter & Picture Day

Picture Week &Winter Recital The winter recital is scheduled for January 8, 2011. The costumes have been ordered and the routines begun… Costumes are set to arrive by November 12th. Picture week will be tentatively scheduled for NOVEMBER 17th-24th. Students will arrive to their normally scheduled class in their costumes. (More info to come).

Competition Teams – We will be performing at Banner Hospital in Sun City on November 6th at 11:00 a.m. The first competition (Starbound) is November 13th. Good Luck Girls!!

Saturday Classes – The competition teams will be competing 2 of the Saturdays. There is a possibility that Marisol will sub for Melissa on those days.

STUDIO CLOSED: Thanksgiving Break is November 25th -26th, and both studios will be closed. Please note: full tuition is due by the 1st of each month. All students will receive an average of 4 classes per month based on the dance calendar.

Sundance Studio Merchandise is here!We are putting in an order for tanks, tees and warm ups. Please let us know if you want one and we will add you to the order.


Students should arrive to class 5 minutes prior to the start time in order to have shoes on and ready for class to begin. For Combo classes shoes must be kept in the studio as the shoe change can be quick with as little distraction as possible.

Parents are not allowed in the studio during class. This is a distraction for all students. To ensure the best dance education, please remain in the lobby area.

TUITION REMINDER – ALL tuition, regardless of payment type, is due on the 1st of the month. All payments received after the 1st will be charged a $25 late fee.

LATE FEE POLICY – Please make note of the class time and make sure you are at the studio to pick up your dancer 5 mins prior to that time. In order to make class times at both studios to is imperative all parents pick up dancers on time. Beginning September 1st we are implementing the late fee policy. Late fees are $5 for the first 5 minutes, and $1 for each minute thereafter. Fees will be accumulated and charged with tuition the following month.

NON SUFFICENT FUNDS: Any non sufficient funds will add a $25 charge to your balance. Balances left unpaid will result in student withdrawal until account has been paid in full (in order for payments to be funded by the first of each month, transactions are subject to be pending 48 hours in advance).

MAKE-UP POLICY: If you plan to miss a class or you have an unexpected illness, you have 30 calendar days to make up your class. You must email your preference of make-up classes to Melissa ( in order to plan the date of your make-up. Make-up classes are a great way to try new genres of dance. So if your child wants to try something new, it is encouraged! Missed classes do not constitute a refund and cannot be added to result in a free or reduced tuition for future use.


Thanksgiving Break: November 25-26

Winter Break: December 24 – January 2

Spring Break: April 25-30

Summer Break: July 25-30

*All students will receive an average of 4 or more classes per month based on assessing the months of August through July.