Sunday, January 8, 2012

Rehearsal Order

Below you will find the rehearsal dance order. Please arrive promptly at your scheduled time in your first costume. Dancers are free to leave rehearsal once their level is done (e.g. level 1 can leave at "intermission").
“One Fine Day” (Sat 825 CL1 75thAve) - purple costume
“Sweet Pea” (Mon 525 CL1 24thSt) - green costume
“Buttercup" (Weds 615 CL1 75th Ave) - pink/blue costume
“Boom Boom Pow” (Thurs 525 24thSt) - blue short costume
"Playground" (Thurs 435 HH1 75th Ave) - pink/orange costume
"Someday My Prince Will Come"(Thurs 435 CL1 24th St) - pink costume
"Old Time Rock and Roll" (Sat 1035 CL1 24th St) - black/pink costume
"Spoonful of Sugar" (Tues 525 CL1 75th Ave) - pink costume
“We Are the Children of the Ballet” (All Combo Level 1 Children Finale)
"Fuego" (Zumba)
"Forget You" (Comp Team) - black/pink costume
“Hip Hip Chin Chin” (Comp Team) - black/multi costume
“Imagine” (Mon 435 Tech) - black/white costume
"Come On Over" (Mon 615 Pom) - pink/black/white costume
"Smooth Criminal" (Thurs 705 Tech 24th St) - black costume
"I Enjoy Being a Girl" (Angel Rose) - pink costume
“Pause” (Weds 705 Gym 75thAve) - black/teal costume
“Mack the Knife” (Jordan and Victoria) - black/red costume
"Let’s Dance” (Sat 1125 CL2/Jazz 24th St) - light blue costume
“Sweet Disposition” (Weds 435 Gym 24th St) - black/teal costume
"Little Bitty Pretty One" (Thurs 615 CL2 24th St) - white/black/pink costume
“Groove is in the Heart” (Victoria and Morgan) - gold costume
“Tell Him” (Weds 345 CL3 24thSt) - teal costume
“Hip Hop Trio” (Wed 705 Hip Hop 24th St) - black pants/multi jackets
“Somewhere Out There” (Sat 1125 CL2 24th St) - red costume
“The Climb” (Comp Team) - tan costume
"Party Rock Anthem" (Weds 525/615 Hip Hop 24th St) - blue/silver costume
"Thriller" (Thurs 705 Tech/Comp Team 24th St) - black/bronze costume
“Finale” (All Combo Level 2 and Tech)