Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sundance Information for Pics & Recital

We have a very busy couple of months ahead so we wanted to break down a few things for you.
COSTUMES: Costumes have begun to come in, yay! We are in the process of checking them all in and will begin distributing them the week of June 20th (Marco's Hip Hop Pictures will be the first week of July. Your child will be given a picture notice reminder the week before pictures. A full description of picture schedules will be posted on line Please check the site if you have any questions. Once you get your costume please take it out of the bag and try it on.
PICTURES: Pictures will begin the week of June 27th through July 3rd. Please keep your eyes open for the schedule of when your class will get their pictures taken.
DANCE REPORT CARDS: Starting June 15th we will be doing "dance report cards" for each dancer. The form will go over technical skills mastered and classes recommended for the 2011-2012 dance year.
2011-2012 DANCE YEAR: We are excited to have the new schedule completed! We have been able to add classes at each studio to make sure everyone can get into the class they want. The schedule will be released July 1st.
2011-2012 REGISTRATION: Registration for the 2011-2012 dance year will begin on July 1st. Fees are as follows: pre-registration July 1-15=$5; open-studio registration July 15-31=$10; all-open registration Aug 1st=$12 (existing) $15 (new). We are capping each class at 12 so sign up early to ensure you get the class you want! We currently have many classes that are at 12 with new clients wanting to sign up...
RECITAL: The recital is set for July 23rd. Dress rehersal will be @ 9:00 am and the recital will be at 6 pm @ the TempePerforming Arts Center. More information to come...
STAGE VOLUNTEERS: We need your help! Please sign up to be a backstage volunteer during the rehearsal and recital. If you have a dancer that may require extra assistance you will need to help backstage. You will be receiveing a DVD of the recital and there will be a tv backstage playing the recital in real-time. The more helpers the merrier! We are super appreciative of the volunteers and this year we have a great Thank You gift! Please look for the sign up sheet in the studio lobby!
SUMMER BREAK/DANCE CAMP: There will not be any regularly scheduled dance classes the week of July 25th. We will be offering a dance camp during this week! Please contact Melissa at for more information and to sign up.
MANY, MANY THANKS!: Thank you so much to all of you for another great dance year!! We have a great dance studio with amazing dancers and we couldn't do it with each of you! We are very excited about the upcoming year.
Please let us know if you have any questions
Sundance Studios Team!
Melissa, Melissa, Marisol & Marco